Let There Be Punk Rock

by Nine Daise Wonder

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first thing to learn with little hands for Billy was to BRUSH HIS HAIR his mummy proudly showed her friends how her darling BRUSHED HIS HAIR the other boys at school they tugged at his heart-strings AND HIS HAIR by the brat girls he was mocked by imitate him BRUSH HIS HAIR BRUSH HIS HAIR, ... everybody knows his face he's often seen round THEN AND THERE says nothing but in some ways has control of HIS AFFAIRS in the pocket at his back there's stuck a brush for BRUSH HIS HAIR his silky mane flows down his neck neatly ordered HAIR BY HAIR BRUSH HIS HAIR, ... when the walls get stary eyes salvation comes from BRUSH HIS HAIR when the floor's about to rise there's nothing left than BRUSH HIS HAIR BRUSH HIS HAIR, ... one day he stood turned to stone, even quieter he ever was his face a waste-land, his eyes insane his pride and joy, his effort, his hold, his hairdo some felt mat his friend, the brush, merged in his mane BRUSH HIS HAIR, ... TO BRUSH THINGS OFF
close the door behind keep the world off your mind cause now your drowning in a sea of feminine impulsions convulsions reflexions erections they shed their every-day dress rinse down their etherialness and enjoy themselves drowning in a sea of feminine impulsions convulsions reflexions erections no male will ever see what women disclose to be when they're drowning in a sea of feminine impulsions convulsions reflexions erections
on my journey through the galaxy passing times and space of milky way I met somewhere on a hidden moon space sperms galore in the sea of love they offered me a bath of high degree but the fluid was much too hot for me one of them talked me into a trip not far away to the future telling pig I've lost my way in outer space - hunted by an alien race I've lost my way in outer space - who will find my trace maching 1 through the deeps of space a housewives' demo crossed our ways seeing the sperm they preggied on the spot beleaving it was a sign from their god the sperm that didn't want to pay any rent for the outgrowth of their heresy speeding up to warp 9 on the sly left me alone after a short good-bye I've lost my way... I hitchiked back to the sea of love where meanwhile the pig was taking a bath while my scrubbing its back it told me it has seen my future as a country-rock queen I've lost my way...
you think you need no washing dont waste your time with sloshing you never change your sweater 'cause the other one isn't better don't you realize - your bathroom is aseptic it wasn't you who swept it no it was your mother she don't want you to smother don't you realize - where ever I go you follow tell stories hard to swallow you move in ever closer I get comatose don't you realize - you slap me on my shoulder you'd keep on 'til you moulder you tap me on my chest you are a real pest don't you realize - in spitting in my ear you really persevere you 're spitting on my cheek piss off you sticky freak don't you realize - don't you realize - don't you realize - YOU SUUUUUUUUUCK
I'm standing at the window in the middle of the night and a crazy mood is keeping me away from sleep rebellious little gnomes are wizzling through my veins leaving painful footprints on the surface of my mind looking into the moon, I see the sun become black making love between the picture frames of bittersweat illusions softly kissing, ardent touch, free falling, falling, falling phantasies fed by milky-warm memories might turn into nightmare much to soon looking into the moon, I see the sun become black I feel like under a cheese-cover in an arousing fresh sea where fishes with red finger-nails make love to butterflies the tingling air of this illusion surrounds me with breathtaking speed but the dull glas of reservation prevents me from this toxinating kiss I'm standing... looking into the moon, I see the sun become red
from the first moment I shuddered to see her corpulent, greasy, fucked up a woman insane looking, carrying bags when I happened to meet her loafing about she was just staring me up und down giving me creeps with an evil eye who is she, what about her one day she rang the bell at my home said no hello, just asked for my name nodded her head, she had known it before she left the scene without saying a word leaving me breathless stunned with evidence realizing what I did not want to see is she what I will be will I be what she is
back to jail across the border they never call it by its name the principle of law and order hidden behind the harmless mask of wealth and people play the game back to jail over the border your freedom dwindles more and more with the return to your homecountry you also go to face the war 'gainst denunciation 'n' lies of law back to jail over the border just as long as you're part of the whole they try to sooth you with their sweets and those who will not fit the frame wear down by permanent control


@ all songs by Nine Daise Wonder
8-track live recording by Nine Daise Wonder
mixed by Stinki & Nine Daise Wonder in Nov 2000
flugelhorn and artwork by Matti Vaatturi


released November 1, 2000


all rights reserved



Nine Daise Wonder Fürth, Germany

blumig schröngen die Frauen, blumig und brutal

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